Indoor Arena


The Indoor Arena is a climate controlled multi-purpose area. Forty-five thousand sq. ft. of open floor space. The center of the arena is a dirt floor surrounded by a large concrete apron on all sides. The dirt floor space is flexible and prepared to accommodate the needs of each unique event such as equestrian, livestock or motorsport. When hosting tradeshows, graduations or other events, the dirt floor area is rolled, packed and in some instances covered. The Indoor Arena comes with a client show office, trade show power and is outfitted with a DAS dual 12” line array sound system for public address or concert stacks and racks. WW panels make up the 260ft x 120ft arena, complete with a roping box, roping chute, stripping chute, bucking chutes, return alley and all necessary sorting pens. Additionally, the Indoor Arena has fifteen tempered wash bays on werm flooring throughout. In most instances the arena comes with movable and modular grandstands with seating capacity of 1200. Additional bleachers and chairs can be added if arranged. The announcers stand can be placed anywhere in the facility while still maintaining control of the audio system. Rigging in the arena can be done via beam clamps. For more information, review our additional documents located to the right.

  • Climate controlled option
  • 260×120 removable arena
  • 239×120 with roping box
  • Line Array Sound system
  • Trade show power
  • Movable Bleachers
  • Comes with a client show office
  • 200 and 400 amp show switch
  • Tempered wash bays


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