1. Rental Request

Completing this form gets the process of booking started. It gives us the information needed to properly serve you at our facility. Submitting this form DOES NOT constitute a reservation. The most efficient way to process the form is to submit the online form below. You may also print and mail the form to 3001 Jensen Road East, OK, El Reno, 73036, if you prefer. Once received, a member of our team will review your request and contact you with an estimate or proposal as well as answer any questions you may have.

2. Booking

Once a tentative reservation is accepted by the CCEEC; a signed proposal and non-refundable rental deposit must be received by the specified date to be considered a firm booking. Quotes or estimates provided prior to the proposal and rental deposit being received DO NOT constitute a booking or proposal.

Tentative Booking: temporary reservation where a contract has been issued but not executed by CCEEC. It is subject to cancelation if the contract and required deposit are not received by the required due date. 

Firm Booking: when the CCEEC has received your signed proposal and deposited your non-refundable rental deposit. It is subject to cancelation if proper insurance, remaining deposits/payments are not received by the required due dates or if the CCEEC becomes aware of any activities of the event that violate the Use Agreement.  

3. Payment Schedule

50% OR $1000 non-refundable rental deposit is specified at time of booking to reserve your date or dates. The balance of any monies owed as well as the specified damage deposit  (If required) must be received no later than one business day prior to your event rental date unless otherwise specified by the Director. In some cases, payment may be requested sooner to accommodate needed staff and facility preparations, ask the director when booking. 

Additional cost and package pricing

Listed rates represent a standard or “rack rate” for the event day only. Quotes or contracts may be issued for rent greater or lesser than listed amount based on the unique features of each event. Other cost or types of rent (i.e. move in/out) may be required for an event and are not reflected herein. Please contact the Director for more information. 

Cleaning Cost, Setup Cost & Damage Deposit: Rentals may incur a cleaning cost based on the usage of the rented area. Notifying the Expo & Event Center of your intended use (i.e. number of guest and how areas rented will be used) will allow us to estimate an accurate cleaning cost. Some areas of rental and usage will allow for the customer to provide cleanup (i.e. sweeping, trash removal, table wipe down) in those instances the Expo & Event Center may waive the cleaning cost and keep the damage deposit should customer fail to properly clean their area of rental. 

4. Facility Access

How to get access to the facility: Pick up the key(s) to your area of rental one business day prior to your event. When picking up your key, you must bring payment for any balance owed of your rental as well as a (separate damage deposit check, if required. The damage deposit will be specified in your invoice. Failure to abide to all terms, conditions and policies will result in forfeiture of your damage deposit as well as expulsion of individual   and/or immediate cancellation of present or any future events scheduled events. 

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